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The Llanic is a distinctively identified group in the expansive Star Wars universe. It comprises a star system located within the Hutt Space, a large area of the galaxy controlled by the Hutts, notoriously known as a criminal underworld. The Llanic system has the planet Llanic, whose primary terrain is city and is associated with the Trandoshan species. It is noted more specifically in The Old Republic era.

It has significant relevance in the Star Wars expanded universe, especially in its association with the rich narrative of the Hutt Space. In essence, it is a representation of the intricately layered lore of Star Wars, enriching the fabric of the Interstellar socio-political landscape in its unique way.

The vibrant diversity of the Star Wars universe is well-reflected in systems like Llanic, which add depth and flavor to the universe's established narratives. As a hub within the morally ambiguous Hutt Space, it undeniably contributes to the gritty world-building within the Star Wars franchise.

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