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Padawan braids


In the Star Wars universe, Padawan braids, also known as Padawan learner's braids or Jedi braids, serve as a significant symbol of rank and distinction in the Jedi Order. These braids, typically worn by young Jedi learners, are grown as a sign of their status as apprentices, known as Padawans, to more experienced Jedi Knights or Masters. The braid is grown on the right side of the head and is cut off when they pass their trials and are promoted to Jedi Knight. The braid includes several strands and can also sometimes include a multiple-beaded tally of the Padawan's accomplishments.

Padawan braids are typically only seen among humanoid Jedi, due to their ability to grow hair. However, species in the Star Wars universe that do not grow hair often use an equivalent symbol, like a strand of beads or a cloth strip, to signify the Padawan status. The Padawan braid is a deeply cultural and traditional symbol within the Jedi Order, marking not just the Padawan’s progression, but also their adherence to the discipline, tradition, and values of the Jedi. The practice of the braid cutting ceremony signals the rite of passage, marking the progression from learner to fully qualified Jedi Knight.

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