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The Pa'lowick are an amphibious species native to the planet of Lowick and are mostly known for their singing ability in the Star Wars universe. Often referred to as "symphony of the swamp," they are characterized by their long, slender bodies, tentacled chins, large eyes, and their ability to inflate like a balloon for defense or during courtship rituals. A significant number of Pa'lowick took up careers in music, with the most iconic representation of this species being the jazz artist Sy Snootles who performed with the Max Rebo band at Jabba the Hutt's palace.

Applauded for their musical talents, Pa'lowick use their vocal range, which includes infrasonic pitches inaudible to human ears, to communicate in complex vocalizations. They are known to have a peaceful culture that highly values harmony and unity, filling their time with song, dancing, and intricate games that are often incomprehensible to non-Pa'lowick. To derive nutrients from their swampy environments, Pa'lowick absorb the chemicals they need through their feet, an adaptation that further reinforces their connection with their native lowland ecosystems on Lowick.

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