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Mari San Tekka


Mari San Tekka was a renowned explorer and cartographer from the planet Thebeka. Born into the immensely wealthy and influential San Tekka clan, Mari was renowned for her contribution as a member of the galactic explorers known as the "Navigators Guild". Living in the aftermath of the Galactic Empire, her comprehensive maps and survey data allowed hyperspace routes to be remodeled, aiding in the rebuilding of the galaxy. Her work extended beyond the regions previously known, expanding the map of the galactic Community.

Mari, like the rest of the San Tekka clan, possessed an unusual ability to perceive the flow of The Force. This almost Force-sensitive nature made her highly attuned to the layout of the galaxy, making her an incredible navigator. Her Interstellar maps were highly prized, and many of them were considered to be "Force-inspired". Due to her esteemed work, she earned great respect amongst the cosmic Community, especially with the remnants of the old Jedi Order.

Her blessed lineage, the San Tekka clan, had a close connection with the Jedi Order for many generations. As a result, Mari possessed an expansive knowledge of Jedi history, often assisting historians and scholars in their work. She became vital in locating brief enclaves and hidden temples of the Jedi, her memory of these places remaining integral to investigating the origins and history of the Jedi Order.

Unfortunately, her prominent status and wealth brought her many enemies. The clan endured various attacks from marauding pirates; even the growing First Order had immense interest in the San Tekka clan due to her wide-reaching knowledge about Jedi locations. However, despite the constant threats to her life, Mari continued her work until her last breath, dedicating her life to the exploration and study of the galaxy, and preserving the remnants of the fallen Jedi Order.

Mari’s place in the Star Wars universe encompasses both the original and sequel eras, her life augmenting the rich lore of the franchise. Although her character is not physically introduced into the storyline, her actions and the legacy she left behind significantly impact the Star Wars mythos. Mari San Tekka is an example of Star Wars’ narrative prowess, indicating how even the unseen characters have a substantial influence in shaping the galaxy far, far away.

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