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Lourna Dee


The Lourna Dee is a character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, specifically from the High Republic era. She is a Tempest Runner, and one of the three highest-ranking figures in the villainous group known as the Nihil, who are key antagonists during the early days of the Republic. Lourna is not merely a warrior or a pilot, but reveals herself as a complex character with a dark past and an intriguing depth, often proving to be a shrewd tactician.

Lourna Dee was introduced into the Star Wars universe in "Light of the Jedi," written by Charles Soule. This novel is part of the High Republic series, set around 200 years before the Star Wars prequel films. Although she initially appears to be a serving under the command of another character, it unfolds that she has her own agenda and is not shy about making power plays, becoming one of the leaders of the Nihil.

In addition to her cunning battle tactics, Dee is known for her impressive piloting skills. She is able to perform complex maneuvers and evade capture by her enemies, proving herself again and again as a formidable threat. Her ship, the New Elite, is a converted cruiser that was stolen and modified to fit Dee's requirements as a Tempest Runner. This intimidating vessel is a symbol of her power and the terror wielded by the ruthless Nihil.

A key aspect of Lourna Dee's character is her intense secrecy. In "Rising Storm," written by Cavan Scott, it's revealed that she has purposefully kept her true capabilities and ambitions hidden from her compatriots in the Nihil. This adds an interesting layer of mystery and unpredictability to her character.

Lourna Dee represents a strong, multifaceted female antagonist in the Star Wars universe. Her character arch also presents the potential for deep exploration and development in future High Republic stories. Thus, Lourna Dee is an important, complex character in the tapestry of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

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