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Kyber crystals

Kyber crystals are rare, naturally occurring crystals that can be found on various planets across the Star Wars galaxy, including Ilum, Jedha, and Lothal. These crystals are significant and essential due to their deep connection with The Force, and more precisely, with the Jedi Order. Kyber crystals were primarily used by the Jedi to focus and channel the energy needed to turn their lightsabers into powerful and elegant weapons.

One of the fascinating aspects of Kyber crystals is their ability to produce different color blades when utilized in a lightsaber. The color is determined when a Jedi attunes the crystal to The Force during the construction of their lightsaber. The young Jedi would meditate, allowing the crystal to align with their personal connection to The Force, which ultimately manifests as the blade's specific color. Most prominently, the Jedi lightsabers have blue or green blades, while the Sith often wield lightsabers with red blades.

Contrary to popular belief, the red color of Sith lightsabers is not due to natural growth or formation, but rather through a process of imbuing the crystals with the user's anger, hatred, and passion for the dark side of The Force. This process is called "bleeding," as the Sith inflict their pain and emotions onto the crystals, causing them to turn crimson red.

Kyber crystals are known to be sentient to some degree, as they intuitively call out and choose their intended Jedi. The bond between the Jedi and the crystal is strong, and the crystals themselves are sensitive to The Force's natural fluctuations, including the Jedi's thoughts and emotions. As a result, Kyber crystals can strengthen and align with their Jedi's particular connection to The Force.

While Kyber crystals are most famously associated with lightsabers, they have various other uses. One such use can be found in the ancient Jedi temple on Lothal, where they served as keys to access specific areas within the temple. Additionally, Kyber crystals were utilized as superweapon components by the Empire, most notably the Death Star. The immense energy potential of Kyber crystals allowed the Empire to harness their power to create planet-destroying weapons.

Finally, Kyber crystals play a significant role in the growth and development of a Jedi. In a rite of passage known as the Gathering, young Jedi initiates travel to the freezing cold planet of Ilum, where they would seek out and attune with their Kyber crystal. This journey involves overcoming personal fears and doubts, while also deepening their connection to The Force.

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