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Korriban, known as Moraband by the time of The Clone Wars, is an intriguing location prominent in Star Wars lore. It is a desolate, desert-like planet within Sith space that is famously recognized as the original homeworld of the Sith race and a significant stronghold of the Sith Order for the entire span of galactic history. The eerie, red-tinged planet is characterized by tombs and catacombs that house deceased Dark Lords of the Sith and is notorious for its dark force energy.

Its prominence seems to take root from throughout much of The Old Republic era, where it served as an epicenter for the Sith. It was where they trained, studied, and ceremonially buried their dead. Some renowned Sith Lords who were entombed here include Marka Ragnos, Ajunta Pall, Tulak Hord, and Naga Sadow. Despite its rich history and significance, the planet was all but forgotten by the time of The Clone Wars, only being referred to as Moraband.

As a result of numerous battles, invasions, wars, and the multiple rises and falls of the Sith Order, Korriban became riddled with ancient relics, artifacts, remnants of powerful Sith magic, and deadly traps. It was even considered a Sith holy world, and many Sith acolytes ventured there to gain dark knowledge and seek guidance from their long-deceased counterparts. Its culture and architecture were often distinctive, representing the brutal and ruthless nature of the Sith Order.

Korriban also earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous locations in the galaxy for Force-sensitive individuals. It was reportedly full of powerful dark side energies that could cloud the judgment and intentions of even the most disciplined Jedi. To prevent catastrophic resurgences of the Sith Order, the Jedi went to great lengths to keep the existence of Korriban a secret.

Despite its desolate appearance and fearful reputation, the haunting beauty of this planet is an attraction to many Star Wars fans, who find it an intriguing mixture of history, dark spirituality, and tragedy. Korriban's importance in Star Wars lore cannot be overstated as it symbolizes the birth, life, and death of the Sith Order.

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