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Ishi Tib


The Ishi Tib is a peculiar species found in the expansive Star Wars universe. They come from the planet Tibrin, a water planet located in the Outer Rim Territories where the inhabitants reside in an aquatic environment. Characterized by their amphibian nature, the Ishi Tib have gained fame due to their unique physical appearance, impressive intelligence, and carefully managed world.

Standing around 1.8 meters in height, the Ishi Tib boasts unique physical features distinguishing them from other species. Their skin is primarily green with large bulbous eyes that sit on the sides of their face. They have a beaked mouth, and a bony frill runs behind the backs of their necks. They also possess strong, webbed limbs that massively aid in swimming.

The Ishi Tib requires an interesting adaptation to life on terrestrial planets. As amphibious creatures, they are reliant on periodic submergence in water to maintain healthy skin moisture levels. Without this, they could dehydrate and die, enforcing a need for them to regularly douse themselves in water when in non-aquatic environments.

They quite often come across as intense and emotion-driven creatures. This is as a result of their interesting psychological makeup, made noticeable whenever they are angered or frustrated. This intensity is what has driven the Ishi Tib to be determined, hardworking, and extremely self-disciplined, characteristics that have endeared them to various employers throughout the galaxy.

Their society is democratic. The Ishi Tib are extremely protective of their natural environment and go to great lengths to preserve their home planet's ecosystem, a stance that has made them noted environmentalists. It is also evident in their architectural design, which tends to harmoniously incorporate natural features.

Over the course of the Star Wars timeline, the Ishi Tib have been involved in various capacities, from being members of the Rebellion and later the New Republic, to serving as diplomats, traders, and imperial workers. In essence, they have played their part in shaping the galaxy's history, contributing their intellect, passion, and distinctiveness to the wide array of species in the Star Wars universe.

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