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The Gungi is a lightsaber style unique to the Wookiee Jedi, most notably used by Gungi, a Wookiee Jedi youngling who constructed his personal lightsaber under the supervision of Professor HuYang. Gungi featured in the animated television series 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'. A lightsaber's construction is a significant event in a Jedi's life. Their weapon reflects them in many ways, and Gungi's reflects not just his Wookiee physical strength, but his tenacity and patience as well.

The Gungi's lightsaber was distinctive because of its wood casing. The wooden hilt was made from the Brylark tree, a robust and nearly unbreakable wood, signifying the strength and resilience of Wookiees. In a broader metaphorical sense, using a piece of living nature in a technology-centric instrument like a lightsaber indicates Gungi's grounding and balance between the Living Force and the technological aspect of the Jedi Order.

Traditionally, Jedi built lightsabers featuring metal hilts, but Gungi, being a Wookiee and connected to his home planet Kashyyyk, chose wood. This choice signified his respect for the nature of his homeworld. Once again, a Jedi Padawan's choice of lightsaber components reflects their character, and in this case, Gungi's love and respect for his native world.

The blade of Gungi's lightsaber was green, sitting within the common Jedi symbolism of peace, diplomacy, and connection to all living things. This harmonized well with his wood-constructed hilt, further emphasizing his reliance on the natural aspects of the living Force.

In essence, Gungi's lightsaber encapsulates the artistry of Star Wars lore, where even a weapon can symbolize a character's origins, personality, and worldview. Its unusual hilt is an eye-catching symbol, reminding all viewers that even within the unified Jedi Order, diversity and individuality are celebrated and respected.

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