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Form II

Lightsaber Techniques

Form II, also known as Makashi, is the second form of lightsaber combat in the Star Wars universe. It is particularly designed for use in duels and one-on-one combat. Its creation occurred as a response to the rise of lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat, as Form I did not adequately address such situations. Makashi placed a heavy emphasis on balance, footwork, and precision strikes, intending to exploit openings and weaknesses in an opponent's defense, rather than overwhelming power.

Makashi was developed during the time of The Old Republic, in an era marked by frequent Sith-Jedi confrontations. The form not only allowed for efficient lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat, but also stressed techniques focused on disarming opponents without causing significant harm. The movements in Makashi are described as fluid and elegant, with the practitioner moving with a certain grace that could almost be considered dance-like in nature.

One of the most significant practitioners of Form II was Count Dooku, also known as Darth Tyranus, who had mastered this form to a significant degree. His swordplay was filled with intricate maneuvers and subtle feints to confound his opponents. He was shown to exploit this form to a lethal degree on multiple occasions, handling multiple opponents simultaneously with his masterful employment of Makashi.

Despite its strengths, Makashi also has its limitations in the Star Wars universe. It's less effective against multiple opponents, lacks kinetic power against physically strong opponents, and has reduced defensive strength. These weaknesses can be exploited by practitioners of other lightsaber forms, such as Ataru or Djem So.

Form II, or Makashi, represents an evolution in lightsaber combat, specially developed and refined for lightsaber-to-lightsaber confrontations. Its precision, balance, and elegant movements make it an artful and lethal form of combat in the Star Wars universe.

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