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Ferren Barr


Ferren Barr was a male human who served as a Jedi Knight during the final years of the Galactic Republic. His master was Jedi Master Depa Billaba, who taught him the way of the Jedi until she was assassinated at the advent of the Order 66, a systemic wipeout of Jedi initiated by Emperor Palpatine. Considered one of the few surviving Jedi, Ferren managed to evade the purge and laid low by staying on the planet Mon Cala.

Hauntingly aware of the deceptive nature of The Force, he recognized the charm of Darth Sidious - Emperor Palpatine and understood the truth of the event that led to Order 66. Unlike many, he was well aware of the dark side's subterfuge that fabricated the fall of the Jedi Order. Embittered by this, he dedicated his life to undermining the newly formed Empire, which he did by gathering a group of acolytes and cultivating his unique force abilities.

Barr knew that he was not a conventional Jedi and embraced this divergence. He was an expert manipulator who utilised the Force to influence the minds of others, through which he formed an acolyte group of six beings. These acolytes were not trained in the Jedi's arts, but Barr made them believe they were possessed force capabilities. This manipulation led them to devote their life towards his cause.

However, his end was drawn out when he revealed the perpetrators of Order 66 just as he was captured by Darth Vader. Vader's allies were the very Jedi hunters of the purge, the Imperial Inquisitors, and in a desperate attempt to save himself and his acolytes, Barr revealed their identities as former Jedi, triggering a wave of chaos by forcing these Inquisitors to execute Order 66 on each other.

Ferren Barr’s attempt was futile as it resulted in the extermination of his acolytes, and ultimately, he was slain by Darth Vader. However, the events he set in motion contributed to the Mon Calamari’s resistance against the Galactic Empire, resulting in a considerable blow to the Empire and therefore a significant victory for the Rebel Alliance later. Despite his controversial ways, Ferren Barr played a crucial role in sowing the seeds of rebellion, and he will be remembered as a martyr in the history of Star Wars.

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