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Droopy McCool


Droopy McCool, whose real name is Snit, is a character from the famous Star Wars galaxy. He is a Kitonak from the planet Kirdo III. His character primarily appeared in the Return of the Jedi film and is a member of the Max Rebo band, the in-house band for the gangster Jabba the Hutt in "Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi". He played a chidinkalu horn, a flute-like instrument made from the hollowed-out body of a chidinkalu, a creature native to his home planet.

The Kitonaks, who are slow-moving and can puff out their bodies when threatened, are known for their great patience. This quality, combined with their love of storytelling and music, made Droopy McCool an excellent addition to the Max Rebo Band. Despite being a prisoner under Jabba's control, Droopy stayed with the group for the beautiful music and saw himself as an artist before all else.

Even though Droopy McCool was his stage name, his real name was Snit. He chose "Droopy McCool" because it sounded better as an entertainer’s name. The curious nickname "Droopy" is a reference to his relaxed, unexcitable disposition, which is typical for Kitonaks. Despite the harsh conditions and often violent episodes in Jabba's palace, Droopy maintained an aimable demeanor.

Droopy’s background prior to joining the band is equally intriguing. Legend has it that he was part of a troup of Kitonak Wind instrument players wandering in the desert. Misled by a mirage, he strayed from his group. Upon encountering the band, he decided to join them. However, due to his species' lack of sense of time, he was unaware of how long he had been with them.

Although his screen time in the Star Wars saga is brief, Droopy McCool’s unique and mysterious personality has intrigued fans since his appearance. As a member of the Max Rebo Band, his contribution to the lore and depth of the Star Wars universe is undeniably significant. Despite his relatively minor role, he left an indelible impression due to his genuine passion for music and his nonchalant approach to difficult situations.

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