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Darlyn Boda


Darlyn Boda is a planet rich in minerals that appears in the Star Wars universe. Specifically, it is seen in the second season of the television series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." It is depicted as a snow-covered planet, located in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy. The exact supply routes to this planet are unknown which makes it a secluded and rarely visited place. The planet is not only known for its treacherous weathers but also for the criminal activities that take place over there.

In "A Distant Echo," an episode from the seventh season of "The Clone Wars," The Bad Batch, a group of clone commandos, and Anakin Skywalker went on a mission to Darlyn Boda. They were in search of information about the potential survival of a fellow clone trooper named Echo. Echo was supposedly killed in an earlier season, but certain signs indicated that he might still be alive. This mission took them through treacherous conditions, but the unique abilities of the Bad Batch ensured their survival on the rugged planet.

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