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The Bric is a species of sentient beings in the Star Wars universe. They are known for their physical strength and durability, as well as their resilience in harsh environments such as high-gravity planets.

Although not commonly seen in the Star Wars films, the Bric have made appearances in other media such as The Clone Wars animated series and various Star Wars Video Games. They often serve as soldiers or enforcers for various factions, and are generally depicted as skilled fighters.

One notable Bric character is the bounty hunter Embo, who wears a distinctive hat and engages in combat using a combination of hand-to-hand combat and specialized weapons such as a bowcaster.

In terms of appearance, the Bric have distinctive facial features including a broad, flat nose and small eyes. They also have a tendency to grow facial hair, often in the form of a thick mustache.

The origins of the Bric are not well-defined in the Star Wars canon, but they are believed to be a non-humanoid species hailing from a remote corner of the galaxy. Despite their relatively obscure status, the Bric have developed a following among Star Wars fans due to their unique design and fierce demeanor.

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