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The Argazdans were a humanoid race that hailed from the system of the same name, within the Kanz Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Vigorously territorial, they gained notoriety for their brutal conquest and subsequent enslavement of the Lorrdians, which ensued for almost 3,000 years in a period known as the Kanz Disorders. They expanded their Empire throughout the Kanz sector, establishing colonies and garrisons as they interacted with various other species.

As a people, the Argazdans were recognized for their golden skin and red or blond hair. They were often described as a species with a sadistic, cruel streak, elements which eventually led to their downfall. Their society was highly-stratified, with societal rule by a regent and governing councils. A regent named Green was particularly instrumental in instigating the Lorrdian Revolt, the uprising that eventually brought the Argazdan's reign to an end, liberating their enslaved subjects. This marked an end to the Argazdans' brutal dominion in the Kanz Sector.

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