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Allterrain Heavy Hauler


The All Terrain Heavy Hauler (AT-HH) is a specialized walker employed by the Galactic Empire, and later by the First Order, for the transportation of heavy payloads and logistical support in warfare. Unlike its more combat-oriented counterparts, such as the AT-AT or AT-ST, the AT-HH is designed primarily for utility and heavy lifting. It features a robust frame equipped with multiple mechanical arms and cranes, which can be utilized to transport supplies, deploy modular infrastructure, or perform engineering tasks on the battlefield. This makes it an indispensable asset for sustained military campaigns and rapid deployment operations.

While the AT-HH is not heavily armed, it is often escorted by combat units to ensure its safety during transport missions. Its defensive capabilities are limited to basic armor plating and shields to withstand minor skirmishes and environmental hazards. The presence of the AT-HH signifies a deeper level of military engagement, wherein logistics, infrastructure, and Supply Lines become critical to mission success. This versatile walker plays a crucial role in ensuring that frontline units are well-supported and that operational efficiency is maintained in diverse and often hostile environments.

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