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The X'ting are a unique insectoid species that originate from the Star Wars universe, specifically from the planet of Cestus. They are known for their hive-like societal structure and their ability to switch genders which aids in their species survival and growth. Unlike many other Star Wars species, X'ting are not physically formidable but rely heavily on their intelligence and cunning for survival. They possess an intricate understanding of mechanics and technology, symbolizing their advanced civilization. One of their most distinctive traits is their ability to experience a total of five life stages, transitioning through genders along this process.

Interestingly, the X'ting were ruled by a queen known as Hive Queen. This hive-based leadership was accountable for their organized society. X’ting had an eventful history, during which they fell under the control of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during The Clone Wars, a significant event in the Star Wars timeline. After this, however, their world Cestus was liberated by the Galactic Republic, following which, many of the X'ting continued their dedication to the intricacies of technology and machinery, and their societal structure remained hive-like.

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