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Toppling Goliath Brewing

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company, founded in 2009 by Clark and Barb Lewey, is located in Decorah, Iowa. Initially gaining fame for their hop-forward beers, this craft brewery has become renowned for producing some of the most coveted and highly-rated beers in the world. Notable offerings include their award-winning IPAs such as "PsuedoSue" and robust barrel-aged stouts like "Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout." The brewery’s ability to innovate while maintaining high-quality standards has garnered them a strong following among craft beer enthusiasts.

In addition to their excellence in brewing, Toppling Goliath values Community and sustainability. They engage with local charities, sponsor events, and make efforts to source ingredients responsibly. Their taproom and brewery tours offer beer lovers a firsthand look at their innovative brewing process and a chance to sample their diverse beer portfolio. This combination of exceptional beer and Community-focused values has helped Toppling Goliath secure a prominent place in the global craft beer scene.

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