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Sycamore Brewing is a popular craft brewery based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded in 2013 by husband-and-wife team, Justin and Sarah Brigham, Sycamore Brewing focuses on producing a wide variety of high-quality craft beers, made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The brewery has built a strong reputation for its diverse range of offerings, which include year-round staples, seasonal releases, and small-batch experimental brews. Sycamore has become synonymous with its dedication to innovation, exceptional taste, and a commitment to the local Community.

Patrons visiting the Sycamore Brewing taproom can enjoy the brewery's lively atmosphere, flurry of events, and its extensive selection of beers that cater to different palates. Additionally, the brewery has expanded its line to include a range of hard ciders and craft cocktails under their brand, Wild Blossom Cider. Sycamore Brewing has been the recipient of numerous awards, including several medals at The Great American Beer Festival, which showcases the dedication and passion poured into each pint they brew.

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