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Star Wars: Visions Episode 9: Akakiri

Star Wars: Visions

In the ninth episode of Star Wars: Visions, titled "Akakiri", a Jedi named Tsubaki lands on a remote planet, riddled with worry about the vision of a dark future he has seen. This dark future involves the woman he loves, Misa, succumbing to a tragic fate. Misa is the princess of this planet who has reached out to him for help as a Sith has taken over her kingdom and her people are suffering.

While trekking towards the palace, Tsubaki and Misa have misadventures, enduring hardships together while also reminiscing about their past times. Unknown to Misa, Tsubaki harbors deep feelings of love for her and the intimate moments makes his fear of her impending death even more significant. He is crucially aware that his emotions can lead him on the path to the dark side, yet he finds it hard to detach himself completely.

As Tsubaki and Misa reach the palace, they confront the Sith who happens to be Misa's estranged aunt, Masago. In the fast-paced duel that ensues, Tsubaki accidentally strikes down Misa. He is utterly devastated, believing his vision to have come true. Masago cunningly convinces Tsubaki that he can bring Misa back to life if he joins the Sith and follows the dark side of The Force.

Torn between the Jedi teachings and the love he has for Misa, Tsubaki falls to his knees overcome by his emotions and uncertainty. After a moment of internal struggle, he submits to the Sith, his eyes turning red - a symbol of his fall to the dark side. He manages to resurrect Misa, but the once brave Jedi has now become a Sith apprentice.

The episode ends with a grieving Misa watching her beloved transformed into a being she hardly recognizes, manipulated by Masago. "Akakiri" leaves viewers with a tragic, emotional ending, a tale of love and sacrifice interwoven with the struggle between good and evil that is integral to Star Wars lore.

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