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Star Wars: Visions Episode 7: The Elder

Star Wars: Visions

In Star Wars: Visions Episode 7, titled "The Elder," the audience is introduced to a new world within the Star Wars universe. The episode, created by Studio Trigger, showcases the traditional Japanese animation style and provides an engaging story for fans to enjoy.

The story begins with a Jedi Master, Tajin, and his Padawan, Dan, as they travel through the galaxy in their ship. Tajin feels a disturbance in The Force and decides to investigate a nearby planet where they believe the source of the disturbance to be. On this planet, they find a small village surrounded by an ominous energy that appears to be linked to the dark side of The Force. They are informed by the villagers about a mysterious "Elder" who is responsible for the dark energy.

With the intention of tracking the Elder down, Tajin and Dan split up to cover more ground. Dan, who is eager to prove his worth as a Jedi, encounters the Elder in a cave filled with the remains of various creatures. The Elder, an elderly Sith with a calm demeanor, reveals his thirst for battle and challenges Dan to a duel. The young Padawan bravely accepts, but soon finds himself overwhelmed by the powerful Sith.

As the battle unfolds, Dan manages to hold his ground, displaying his skills as a Jedi and surprising his elderly opponent. Unfortunately, in a moment of overconfidence, Dan is brutally injured by the Elder's lightsaber. However, before the Elder can land the finishing blow, Tajin arrives and steps in to save his wounded apprentice. A battle between the two experienced Force users ensues, with Tajin utilizing his superior skills and wisdom to defeat the Elder.

Upon his defeat, the Elder refuses to be captured and uses the dark side of The Force to destroy himself, leaving behind a shattered lightsaber crystal as the only evidence of his existence. Tajin and Dan leave the planet shortly after, reflecting on the experience and how it has helped them grow in their paths as Jedi.

"The Elder" offers a thrilling addition to the Star Wars: Visions anthology, exploring themes of legacy, mentorship, and the dangers of overconfidence. The relationships between the characters and their growth throughout the episode provide a captivating perspective on the eternal struggle between the light and dark sides of The Force.

Star Wars: Visions Episode 7: "The Elder" is a remarkable entry in the series that combines stunning animation, interesting characters, and engaging storytelling to create a memorable experience for fans of the Star Wars franchise.

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