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Star Wars: Visions Episode 5: The Ninth Jed

Star Wars: Visions Episode 5: The Ninth Jedi, is a tale that goes beyond the traditional Star Wars sequel. This episode is part of the Star Wars: Visions series, an animated anthology of Star Wars short films, featuring different cultural perspectives.

The episode is set in a galaxy where the Sith's reign has nearly completely wiped out the Jedi. However, the daughter of a Saber smith, Kara, possesses her family's knowledge to forge and alter Sith Light Sabers into Jedi green, effectively turning the tides of this dark era. The storyline begins when Margrave Juro, who leads the surviving Jedi, requests a Saber smith to forge new Light Sabers.

The narrative intensifies as the Saber smith sends his daughter, Kara, to deliver the Light Sabers. However, the eight supposed Jedi awaiting these sabers are revealed to be Sith in disguise, Except for one, Ethan. The Force sensitivity of the Light Sabers determines the identity of the Jedi and the Sith. The disguised Sith turn against Margrave, attempting to kill him, and thus starting a chaotic battle.

Kara, who is unaware of her force sensitivity and Jedi worthiness, steps in to save Margrave and retrieve the Light Sabers. At this point, it is demonstrated that the colour of the Light Sabers can shift according to the wielder's alignment, a quality that is distinctive and captivating.

The episode concludes with Kara and the genuine Jedi, Ethan, joining Margrave's crusade in rebuilding the Jedi Order. Kara, who once doubted that she bore the power of the Jedi, becomes the "Ninth Jedi," giving hope and inspiration that the Jedi Order will rise once more.

Episode 5 of Star Wars: Visions, The Ninth Jedi, brings a fresh take on the Star Wars universe with its stunning animation and intricate plot, depicting a new generation's crucial role in bringing balance to The Force.

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