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Southern Tier

Southern Tier Brewing Company, founded in 2002, is a highly renowned craft brewery located in Lakewood, New York. Known for their innovative and diverse range of beer styles, Southern Tier places an emphasis on using the finest ingredients and ensuring a high level of quality in their brewing process. With a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, the company continually strives to reduce their carbon footprint and support local initiatives.

Some of their popular offerings include the Pumking Imperial Ale, a seasonal favorite characterized by its rich pumpkin flavor, and the 2XIPA, a bold and hoppy double IPA that showcases the company's expertise in brewing American-style ales. Southern Tier's beers have earned numerous awards and accolades, placing them among the finest craft breweries in the United States, and their contributions to the beer industry have played an important role in shaping modern brewing culture.

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