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The Rishi are a species found within the universe of Star Wars, particularly in the "Star Wars: The Old Republic" MMO video game. However, they are not as well-known or as extensively profiled as some other races such as the Wookiees or Ewoks. The Rishi are mostly known due to the strategic importance of their home, the Rishi Maze, and its moon, Rishi.

The Rishi are humanoid with a skin color that ranges from light to dark hues. They have a reputation for being easy-going and humble, avoiding strife through neutrality in Interstellar conflicts. The appearance of the Rishi is influenced by their tropical environment which has led them to develop an attire that aligns with warm climates.

Rishi society is largely considered egalitarian, with no apparent class divisions. Their political affiliations extend to all inhabitants of the galaxy via free trading and open communication regardless of one's faction. They are peace-loving, preferring diplomacy to violence and often serving as mediators in disputes among other species.

The Rishi homeworld is a gateway to the Outer Rim Territories, which makes it of strategic importance in the galaxy. Their home lies near the end of the primary galactic trade route, leading to diverse interactions with various extraterrestrial species. The Rishi Maze, a dwarf satellite galaxy near their moon, is also a significant location within the Star Wars universe.

The Rishi species have remained neutral in many of the conflicts raging throughout the galaxy, which has ensured their survival and prosperity. This pragmatic approach to galactic politics has saved them from the numerous wars and Empire conflicts that are commonplace in the Star Wars universe.

while the Rishi may not seem as awe-inspiring or immediately recognisable as other iconic Star Wars races, they nevertheless play a crucial role in the galaxy due to their strategic location and diplomacy-oriented perspective. Their society exemplifies the benefits of peaceful coexistence even within a conflict-torn galaxy.

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