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In the Star Wars universe, a parsec is a unit of distance rather than time, despite its common misconception as a unit of time due to Han Solo's claim in "Episode IV: A New Hope" that the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in "less than twelve parsecs". This statement caused confusion as it seemed to imply speed, not distance. However, later clarification revealed that Han was boasting about the Falcon's superior navigation system which allowed it to travel shorter distances by taking a more direct route, hence "less than twelve parsecs".

In reality, a parsec is a measure used in astronomy, equivalent approximately to 3.26 light years. It is derived from the method of using parallax to measure distances to stars and other celestial bodies. This method involves observing an object from two different points and measuring the angle difference, hence the name "parsec" which stands for "parallax of one arcsecond". Thus, in the Star Wars universe, the parsec is considered as a testament of skilled navigation rather than speed.

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