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The Oulanne are an aquatic, humanoid species that originate from the planet Oulan in the Star Wars universe. They are characterized by their light blue skin, webbed hands and feet, and tall, slender bodies. The species is known for their superior swimming ability and their adaptability to living in both aquatic and non-aquatic environments. Their sense of hearing is highly advanced, a distinctive trait, that allows them to perceive even the slightest changes in their surroundings.

Culturally, the Oulanne have developed a society that values peace and tranquility, as reflected in their social and political systems. They operate under a monarchy, wherein the Monarch typically exercises control within the context of a council comprising numerous societal representatives. This council not only monitors every sector of Oulanne's society, but also maintains the balance and harmony of their fragile underwater ecosystem. Oulanne's society emphasizes on the development of physical arts, particularly those connected with their ability to swim and navigate underwater. However, they also have a deep-rooted appreciation for the aesthetics, demonstrated in their stunning underwater architecture and beautiful craftworks.

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