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The Orto is a sentient species in the Star Wars universe that originates from the planet of Orto. These beings are characterized by their large eyes which are adapted to the dim-light conditions of their homeworld, helping them navigate easily. The Orto are hermaphroditic creatures as they possess both feminine and masculine reproductive roles, enabling them to reproduce independently. They also have the capability to adjust their gender according to the needs of their population, which aids in survival.

Due to the inhospitable conditions and scarce resources on the planet Orto, the natives have developed an industrious, hard-working, and self-reliant nature. They are known for their advanced technological feats since they are skilled in spacecraft designing and building, carrying out their operations on their barren homeworld. They also made appearances in several canonical and non-canonical Star Wars Expanded Universe materials, adding an interesting layer to the rich tapestry of species in the Star Wars cosmos.

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