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The Norulac were a faction of criminal enforcers in the Star Wars universe, known for their brutal methods and allegiance to the Hutt Cartel. Originating from the planet Norulac, which lay in Hutt Space, these enforcers played pivotal roles in enforcing the Hutts' commands across various systems. Their reputation for ruthlessness was well-deserved, as they often engaged in acts of piracy, smuggling, and extortion to maintain the Hutts' control over their territories.

Norulac enforcers typically operated in small groups, using heavily armed ships to intimidate and overpower their targets. They were known for their distinctive, often heavily tattooed appearances which marked their allegiance and commitment to the Hutt Cartel. Throughout the periods of galactic strife, including The Clone Wars and the Imperial Era, the Norulac maintained a presence, occasionally clashing with various galactic factions and law enforcement agencies that threatened the Hutts' interests.

Despite their fierce loyalty, the Norulac were not above betrayal or factional infighting if it served their purposes or allowed them to gain more power within the cartel. This treacherous nature made them both valuable and dangerous allies. Their brutal tactics and the fear they instilled ensured that even the most rebellious systems would think twice before crossing the Hutts. While not as centrally featured as other criminal organizations in the Star Wars saga, the Norulac contributed to the rich tapestry of the galaxy's underworld, showcasing the widespread influence and control of the Hutt Cartel.

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