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Nectaron Citra

Nectaron is a highly sought-after hop variety developed in New Zealand by Plant & Food Research. It is known for its intensely fruity and tropical flavors, with distinct notes of pineapple, passion fruit, peach, and grapefruit. Brewers appreciate Nectaron for its high alpha acid content and exceptional aromatic qualities, making it an ideal choice for crafting IPAs and other hop-forward beer styles. The hop's versatility also makes it suitable for various brewing techniques, including dry hopping and late boil additions. Nectaron's pronounced fruity profile can elevate the sensory experience of a beer, contributing to its growing popularity in the craft brewing Community.

Citra, on the other hand, is an American hop variety that has become a staple in the craft brewing world since its release in 2008 by the Hop Breeding Company. It is renowned for its strong citrus aroma and flavor, characterized by notes of lime, grapefruit, and a hint of tropical fruits such as lychee and mango. Citra is frequently used in the production of IPAs and other ales that benefit from its bright, zesty profile. With its high myrcene content, Citra can deliver pungent hop aromas and flavors when used in both the hot and cold sides of brewing. Together with its smooth bitterness, these attributes make Citra a favorite among brewers looking to add a vibrant citrus burst to their creations.

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