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Millius Prime

Millius Prime is a planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, specifically in the Raioballo sector. It was first introduced in the Star Wars universe through the 2016 role-playing game module "No Disintegrations," published by Fantasy Flight Games as a part of their Star Wars: Edge of the Empire series. This planet has a relatively minor role in the expanded lore, but provides an interesting setting for players of the game and fans of the franchise.

The planet itself is described as having a highly volcanic landscape with dangerous and ever-changing surface conditions. Its surface is dotted with countless volcanoes and volcanic fissures, which creates a harsh and inhospitable environment. The ground is often littered with debris from frequent eruptions, and lava is a constant threat to anyone treading the inhospitable terrain. Earthquakes and shifts in the landscape are common, making it an exceedingly dangerous place to live or explore.

Despite these harsh conditions, Millius Prime is home to a few hardy species that have managed to adapt to the extreme environment. One of the most notable native creatures is the Millius hound, a canine-like predator known for its ability to navigate the constantly shifting terrain with ease. These creatures are highly sought after by bounty hunters and other criminals for their tracking abilities.

In the Star Wars universe, Millius Prime is known for its valuable minerals and resources, which has led various factions to attempt to establish mining operations on the planet. However, due to the perilous surface conditions and unpredictable eruptions, most attempts have ultimately failed. The desperate and the daring still try their luck, with many falling victim to the treacherous environment.

As a result of this constant struggle for resources, Millius Prime has become something of a hub for criminal elements in the Star Wars universe. Its remote location, combined with the minimal presence of authorities and the lure of potential riches, has made it a popular spot for outlaws to set up temporary bases, hideouts, and black market operations. It is also a popular location for bounty hunters seeking elusive targets, as the challenging landscape provides numerous opportunities for skilled professionals to demonstrate their capabilities.

The introduction of Millius Prime to the Star Wars universe adds depth and diversity to the franchise's expansive setting. Its inclusion in a role-playing game module also allows players to explore this treacherous world and battle its hostile conditions firsthand, further engaging the audience and expanding the reach of the Star Wars universe.

Millius Prime is a minor, but interesting element of the Star Wars universe. Its dangerous landscape, unique native creatures, and the constant struggle to harness its resources all serve to create a fascinating and challenging environment for players in the role-playing game and fans of the overall franchise.

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