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The Jafan were an alien species in the Star Wars universe. Little concrete information is known about their physical appearances and characteristics. This is largely because the Jafan are only mentioned in passing in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Despite the limited appearance in source materials, these mentions contribute significantly to the lore and world-building of Star Wars.

Most of the information about Jafan comes from the Star Wars guides and encyclopedias, such as the Star Wars Encyclopedia, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, and The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons. However, none of these sources offers details about their physical appearance or culture. Typically, only broad strokes details are provided that hint at a more extensive backstory or narrative role.

In these sources, the Jafan are said to hail from the planet of Naboo. Naboo is often seen in the Star Wars prequels and is famous for being the homeworld of characters like Queen Padmé Amidala and Emperor Palpatine. However, the fact that there are different species inhabiting this planet, aside from humans, is rarely touched upon in the movies.

The Jafan civilization is considered to be one of the most ancient civilizations on Naboo. They were the original inhabitants of the planet, predating the human colonists that would later become the dominant species. These humans discovered the ruins of the Jafan upon their arrival on Naboo, providing indirect evidence of their existence.

Despite their significance within Naboo's history, the fate of the Jafan is not explicitly detailed in Star Wars lore. It is generally believed they went extinct or were absorbed into human society before the humans arrived. Either way, traces of the Jafan's presence can still be seen in Naboo's architecture and history.

though the Jafan species do not play a significant part in the central narratives or have developed character representations within the Star Wars universe, they are a part of the expansive world-building that gives Star Wars its depth and richness.

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