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The Foresight is a class of starship in the Star Wars universe. It was first introduced in the novel "Thrawn: Alliances" by Timothy Zahn. The Foresight is a massive ship that serves as the flagship of the Chiss Ascendancy, an isolationist society located in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

The Foresight is notable for its unique design, which features an array of powerful sensors and advanced computational systems that allow it to analyze vast amounts of data and predict the future with remarkable accuracy. This ability has earned it the nickname "the Sight" among the Chiss people.

In addition to its predictive capabilities, the Foresight is armed with an impressive array of weapons and can engage multiple targets at once. It is also equipped with a powerful shield generator that can withstand significant damage.

The Foresight is under the command of Mitth`raw`nuruodo, also known as Thrawn, in the novel "Thrawn: Alliances." Thrawn uses the ship to explore the Unknown Regions and engage in diplomacy with other species, as part of his efforts to protect the Chiss Ascendancy from threats both internal and external.

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