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Eerie Hop Double IPA

The Eerie Hop Double IPA is a robust and complex beer that showcases a harmonious blend of hops and malt characteristics. This beer style, also known as Imperial IPA, is known for its higher alcohol content (usually ranging from 7.5-10% ABV) and a strong hoppy bitterness. The flavor profile showcases an array of citrus and tropical fruit notes, with a slightly caramel or toasted malt backbone to provide balance.

Brewed using a variety of hop additions throughout the brewing process, including during the boil and dry-hopping, the Eerie Hop Double IPA delivers an intense and satisfying hop-forward experience. The complexity of this beer also comes from the use of various specialty grains, which contribute to its deep amber color and rich, caramel sweetness. Despite its assertive flavors and high alcohol content, the Eerie Hop Double IPA remains a popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts for its bold, yet approachable taste.

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