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Cavan Scott

Cavan Scott is a British writer known for his work on Star Wars novels, comics, and audio dramas. Born in Bristol, England, Scott pursued journalism before transitioning into a full-time writing career. With a passion for storytelling and a life-long affection for the Star Wars universe, he has made a name for himself within the realm of science fiction and fantasy literature.

Before delving into the Star Wars cosmos, Cavan Scott began his professional journey as a magazine writer and editor, working for various publications. His experience in journalism helped him develop the skills and groundwork necessary for his future in writing novels and scripts. Although Scott enjoyed his time as a journalist, he eventually transitioned to a career more focused on storytelling with diverse creative outlets.

As a writer for Star Wars, Cavan Scott has contributed to various aspects of the franchise, including novels, comics, and audio dramas. He began his work in the Star Wars universe with projects aimed at younger and more casual fans, such as young adult novels, activity books, and short stories.

One of Scott's significant projects is the "High Republic" multimedia cross-platform initiative launched by Lucasfilm Publishing. As one of the core authors for this project, Scott has written the ongoing comic book series "Star Wars: The High Republic" and the novel "The Rising Storm." In collaboration with other writers, this groundbreaking project explores a new era in the Star Wars timeline; approximately 200 years before "The Phantom Menace."

With his involvement in "The High Republic" project and other Star Wars works, Cavan Scott has expanded the galaxy far, far away in inventive ways. His skill in crafting stories for various age groups and mediums demonstrates his understanding of the franchise and its broad audience. Scott continues to provide fresh and compelling narratives for fans that build on the rich Star Wars lore.

Aside from his Star Wars accomplishments, Cavan Scott has written for various other popular franchises, such as Doctor Who, Vikings, and Pacific Rim. His notable original works include the children's book series "Adventures on Trains," co-written with author Sam Sedgman. This series focuses on mysteries encountered by two young protagonists during their travel on the world's most famous locomotives.

Cavan Scott's trajectory from journalist to celebrated author in the Star Wars universe is a testament to his dedication to storytelling and the impact of his work on fans worldwide. As he continues to pen fresh narratives across different media platforms, Scott further solidifies his position as an integral voice within the Star Wars franchise and the science fiction and fantasy genres overall.

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