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The Caliban found in the Star Wars universe refers to a star system within the Outer Rim Territories' Calaron sector. The system features the gas giant Caliban, around which orbits a network of orbital refineries known as the "Cauldron." The Caliban system is most notable for its abundance of Tibanna gas, a rare, valuable, and highly explosive gas that is used in blaster and other energy weapons.

Caliban, as was first introduced in the Star Wars comic, Star Wars 24: Silent Drifting, is an enormous gas giant planet that occupies the Caliban system. The planet plays host to several species of cloud-dwelling organisms. Its dense atmosphere and tumultuous weather patterns encourage the formation of gigantic storms that constantly beset the gas giant. Surrounded by a host of moons, it also has various orbital refineries extracting valuable tibanna gas from its atmosphere.

The Cauldron, orbiting the planet, is a hive of criminal activity and a hotbed for the galaxy's scum and villainy. The Cauldron is composed of defunct mining stations, obsolete factories, and other structures, made into a makeshift city by scavengers, smugglers, and pirates. This network of orbital refineries vie to extract the tibanna gas from the surrounding atmosphere and it is this gas that makes the planet so valuable.

A significant amount of the tibanna gas trade, both legal and illegal, passes through the Caliban system. The system is fraught with danger due to its rough-and-tumble inhabitants and the occasional gas leak or explosion. Despite these hazards, tibanna gas is a valuable commodity, making it an enduring source of wealth and conflict.

the Caliban is a significant location in the Star Wars universe. As the source of a much sought-after resource, it plays a key role in the economy and geopolitical power struggles between different factions. It also beautifully illustrates the Star Wars universe's blend of fantastical geography with real-world concerns such as resource extraction and economic inequality.

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