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Atlanta brewery

Atlanta's brewery scene is vibrant, diverse, and ever-growing, offering various types of craft beer to enthusiasts and newcomers alike. With the combination of established breweries and innovative newcomers, Atlanta has earned its place as a top beer destination in the Southeast. Among the notable players in the city's scene are Sweetwater Brewing Company, established in 1997, which focuses on traditional American-style beer with a twist, and Monday Night Brewing, founded in 2011, known for its quirky, well-crafted approach to both traditional and experimental brews.

Alongside these, smaller craft breweries such as Orpheus Brewing, known for its sour and wild beers, and New Realm Brewing, co-founded by Jeff Heck and veteran brewmaster Mitch Steele, continue to expand the city's taste profile. Atlanta's breweries often feature tasting rooms, taprooms, and food options in cozy and social spaces, making them popular gathering spots for both locals and tourists. The city's breweries also participate in a variety of beer festivals and events, celebrating the vibrant culture of brewing in Atlanta.

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