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Allterrain Heavy Scout


The All Terrain Heavy Scout (ATHS) is a specialized walker utilized by the Galactic Empire, designed to traverse a wide range of terrains while providing heavy firepower support. Unlike its more famous counterparts, such as the AT-AT or AT-ST, the ATHS is smaller and more maneuverable, making it ideal for reconnaissance missions in difficult environments. Equipped with advanced sensor arrays and substantial armor, the ATHS can withstand considerable damage while relaying crucial intelligence back to Imperial commanders. Its design incorporates multiple weapon systems, including medium blasters and anti-personnel cannons, ensuring it can effectively engage enemy forces or defend against ambushes.

The interior of the ATHS accommodates a pilot and a co-pilot/navigator, providing a high level of operational readiness and efficiency. The compact size of the ATHS also allows it to be deployed rapidly via dropships, enabling swift responses to emerging threats and tactical opportunities. During its use, the ATHS saw action in various engagements, particularly those requiring agile and resilient scout units. As a testament to its versatility, the ATHS remains a popular choice for Imperial remnants and other factions within the broader Star Wars galaxy who seek a reliable and tough scouting platform.

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